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At Last! ... a FREE discount prescription drug card entitling your family (including pets) to substantial savings on your drug costs and more. It's well supported and really works.

Up to 75% from pharmacy's usual and customary prices!

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Helping People Save Money on Prescriptions and More!

You will always be prepared as a Card-Holder

In 2016 U.S. residents spent over $250 billion dollars on prescriptions. Analysts project that residents will spend over 1 trillion on prescriptions by 2020.

Relief is finally here! The Neighborhood Outreach Card Program gives you access to discounted prescriptions. Save up to 75% on all FDA- approved medications.

Everyone is eligible -- one card covers your entire family (including pets!) Present our Card each time you visit the pharmacy and save! It's that simple and FREE.

Get your card free and even referrals!

So we save money with these FREE prescription cards, and can we MAKE money too?
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What you'll get with our Model ...

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A Profit System

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Want the facts? You deserve this Card!

  • Present your card at each pharmacy visit for unlimited uses. Saving vary but always align with market average.
  • Savings up to 75% on your prescriptions at most U.S. pharmacies. These cards DO work.
  • Discounts for your entire family (including pets!) with the same Pre-activated card.
  • US drug prices are the highest in the world. Prescription prices have increased 97% since 2011!
  • Start saving now for free - no sign-up or credit card required - unlimited legitimate uses.
  • Nearly half of Americans under 65 who lack drug Coverage fail to fill a prescription due to cost.

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